Monday, January 4, 2010


The single "However Dark The Night" has a raw edge to it as it was recorded for the soundtrack to the 1980 movie The Idolmaker. The lead singer is credited as Caesare which was the charcter played by actor Peter Gallagher. This was Peter's first role in film. Peter is always popping up in small movies and TV roles. He starred as Sandy Cohen in the TV drama The O.C.

The song was written by legendary muso Jeff Barry who's done everything from writing for Neil Diamond, The Crystals, The Monkees, Carole King to the Archies and more...he co-wrote "I Honestly Love You" with Oz muso Peter Allen...he co-wote "River Deep, Mountain High"....&c

"However Dark The Night" was not a massive hit in Oz but is worthy of being at least realeased on CD as I don't think the movie soundtrack has ever been digitised. The DVD of the movie comes out every so often, if you haven't seen it, you should.


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