Saturday, January 2, 2010


Johnny Wakelin came from Sussex England and had 2 major hits in the 1970s "Black Superman" and "In Zaire". Both songs were about boxing legend Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali).

What do you do when you run out of boxing ideas and want a third hit, hmmm? Cash in on the disco craze and go for the lamest lyrics ever!

Johnny decided to take a very catchy unknown instrumental disco riff and get some buddies to write new English lyrics hence "Doctor Frankenstein's Disco Party". The music was originally written by Harold Faltermeier of "Axel-F" fame - the theme for the movie "Beverly Hills Cop".

"Doctor Frankenstein's Disco Party" did get some airplay in Oz and charted in the lower reaches of the Top 100 in some states. It bombed in most parts of the world and I don't think it has ever made it to CD...

Here is an extended Tom Mix version of "Doctor Frankenstein's Disco Party":

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  1. Hopefully, one day, someone will find and upload the 1977 Harry F inspired original "Birdie" by Sounds on Ariola :)