Friday, June 26, 2009


It is not often that people recall the female pop group Dusk who featured a veteran of the music biz out front on lead vocals: Peggy Santiglia, who had sung lead on “My Boyfriend’s Back,” the 1963 hit by the Angels. She had been singing on sessions in New York City for years, and was a friend of Bell Record's producer Hank Medress.

Dusk were a studio girl group who were thrown together to record songs that were rejected by Tony Orlando and Dawn....

Dusk's first big hit was "I Hear Those Church Bells Ringing" in 1971 followed by "Angel Baby" and finally "Treat Me Like A Good Piece Of Candy".

By the time the latter charted Dawn were a major hit making group and the Bell label didn't promote Dusk, their stablemates, and the girls quietly faded away.

For download are all three of Dusk's hits. They are all mono. Even in 1971 they sounded dated as that was what they aimed for, they were meant to sound like the original 1963 work by the Angels...

The 3 song zip file has a password:

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The English pop group Splinter had a big hit in 1974 with "Costafine Town" and it was mostly attributed to the fact that George Harrison (member of The Beatles) was associated with its production. Besides being Splinter's producer George also played guitar on this track.

Sadly, because the estate of George Harrison is held up with legal issues many of the songs formerly on George's Dark Horse label have never been on CD.

Here for download is the single mix from vinyl of "Costafine Town":


Lieutenant Pigeon was a British musical group popular in the early 1970s. A spin-off from an experimental music band Stavely Makepeace, it was fronted by Rob Woodward. The group's sound was dominated by a heavy ragtime-style piano played by Woodward's mother, Hilda.

In 1972 "Mouldy Old Dough", their first hit, was #1 in Oz and top 10 in many other countries. In their UK homeland they had 2 singles in 1972 and then all but vanished from pop charts, They were more than just a one hit wonder in Oz as 3 of their album tracks were given 7" releases in various states.

In 1974, their next big Oz hit was a a revival of an old traditional song "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen" - an Irish aire from long ago. It went to position #3 in some capital cities in Oz and was #1 in many regional centres.

Here for download is a 12" extended Tom Mix version of "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen":

Saturday, June 13, 2009


French singer Danyel Gerard had a massive hit in 1971-72 with "Butterfly" around the world and in Oz. The vinyl versions we heard on Lismore radio station 2LM and purchased as a 7" single had an English version on one side and a French/German version on the flip. It charted with a competing version by OZ artist Matt Flinders.

The other hit version by Aussie artist Matt Flinders is available on my original Tom Mix Music blog (click link)

Danyel recorded versions
of "Butterfly" in Spanish, French, English and German. At present most language versions of this song have made it to CD digital form all except the alternate lyric version as found on Solid Hits Vol.2 by K-Tel records. The version on the K-Tel album ran 25 seconds shorter than the single version because it was edited. This version is known as the USA version and it reached #78 on the USA charts. Here is a reconstructed version of "Butterfly" as made in the studios of Tom Mix:

Sunday, June 7, 2009


A big 1973 hit in Oz was Des O'Connor's version of "Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By". It was very successful saleswise in NSW, in Sydney particularly.

The first version to do big business in Oz was by American singer Mama Cass Elliot whose version came out in 1970.
In America, another hit version was in 1971, by country artist Ferlin Husky.

Mr. O'Connor's 1973 version has not made it to CD anywhere in the world as far as I am aware.
His 7" vinyl single was originally released on Pye Records.

The version for download was sent to me by Silver who runs a music site at the following link:

Here for download is the single
"Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By" from vinyl:


A big pop novelty hit from 1980 and never been on CD to my knowledge.

It was top 10 in most states of OZ but didn't do much business elsewhere in the world.

All music details are on the picture of the label (please click picture).

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Sorry folks, sadly the download link has been removed as requested by Alan O'Day (his message is below).

This same message shows up on numerous blog sites around the world it seems. I also did a check for the song's availability in other lands and it it currently unobtainable in any form and has not made it to commercial CD in the last 29 years.

It seems Alan leaves this message on blogs where his work shows up. The link to this song was posted 7th of June 2009 and the message to remove was sent 7th June 2009...

I sincerely appreciate that you are a fan of "Skinny Girls", which I wrote & performed. However, it is not adviseable for you to make my record available without permission. I survive from my song royalties. I'm trying to re-release my 70's material for sale digitally, & having it show up for free is not helping. So respectfully, I'm asking you to remove this file. If you should want to verify my identity, you can email me through my website. TIA, Alan.