Sunday, June 7, 2009


A big pop novelty hit from 1980 and never been on CD to my knowledge.

It was top 10 in most states of OZ but didn't do much business elsewhere in the world.

All music details are on the picture of the label (please click picture).

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Sorry folks, sadly the download link has been removed as requested by Alan O'Day (his message is below).

This same message shows up on numerous blog sites around the world it seems. I also did a check for the song's availability in other lands and it it currently unobtainable in any form and has not made it to commercial CD in the last 29 years.

It seems Alan leaves this message on blogs where his work shows up. The link to this song was posted 7th of June 2009 and the message to remove was sent 7th June 2009...

I sincerely appreciate that you are a fan of "Skinny Girls", which I wrote & performed. However, it is not adviseable for you to make my record available without permission. I survive from my song royalties. I'm trying to re-release my 70's material for sale digitally, & having it show up for free is not helping. So respectfully, I'm asking you to remove this file. If you should want to verify my identity, you can email me through my website. TIA, Alan.


  1. I loved this song and would have loved a mp3 for nostalgia. Shame I wasn't faster ;)

  2. Hi, this is Alan again. You won't find this "exact message" on any other blog, as I'm writing it to you. First, thank you for removing the song, I respect your integrity. Second, I am representing myself, my "web crawler" is just a google alert, & I'm a one man business. As a music fan I like the concept of your site. Some of your readers may "flame" me, but my email address is Skinny Girls & my other 70's songs should be available on CDBaby & iTunes later this year. I bless my fans, & hope they understand.
    Thanks again,
    PS: Thanks rhubarbwhine, please hang in.

  3. August 2012 - still can't find a legal copy of "Skinny Girls" for purchase...

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  5. Skinny girl was the first song I learnt every word to. Had a tape with the smurfs on one side and top 40 on the other

  6. I just remembered the song, googled it, found this page, saw Alan's request (rightly so - it was his bread and butter), went to iTunes - some songs by Alan, not Skinny Girls - more searching. Nothing.

    Apart from the fact that he passed away in 2013. He gave us some fun tunes. RIP