Monday, April 19, 2010


Brendon (born Brendon Dunning) was a UK glam rocker. He had releases on EMI Magnet in the mid 1970s.

One of his singles, "Gimme Some", hit the UK singles charts in 1977, peaking at #14 in March of that year.

Gimme Some” also hit the Oz charts but it was too short in my opinion to make a big impact in the burgeoning club scene for which it was designed….

So here for download is an extended Tom Mix version that was mastered from a European CD mix of the original single. It has overdubs and a new rhythm track taken from a popular hit from the 1980s called “The Best Part Of Breakin’ Up” by disco artist Roni Griffiths.

Currently Brendon and Dave Levy (former band member) have released new material under the name of Simple Country Folk. The album is titled "Long Time Coming".