Monday, July 27, 2009


The Four Lads is a Canadian male singing quartet. They grew up together in Toronto Ontario and were members of St Michael’s School Choir. The founding members were Corrado "Connie" Codarini, (bass); John Bernard "Bernie" Toorish (tenor); James "Jimmy" Arnold, (lead); and Frank Busseri, (baritone and group manager). Codarini and Toorish had formed a group with two other St. Michael's students, Rudi Maugeri and John Perkins, who were later to become founding members of another group, The Crew-Cuts.

Hit Singles:

The Little White Cloud That Cried 1951 (backing Johnny Ray)

Istanbul (not Constantinople) 1953

Moments To Remember 1955

No Not Much 1955

Standin’ On The Corner 1956

Who Needs You 1956

One of our friends in foreign lands is Krista a teacher who works in Owen Sound Canada and she asked me to make a long version of "Istanbul" for her dad as it is one of his favourites. He went to school with some of the singers from the group.

It just happens to be one of my dad's faves too. My dad used to play this on our very large radiogram when 78 rpms were the standard. We lived at Walcha Road when I first heard this song at about age 4.

Here for download is the 12" Tom Mix of this old classic:

Thursday, July 23, 2009


The Thompson Twins had a major chart run in the 1980s with no less than 7 top 40 hits. It was the decade of Megamixes and the Thompsons had a series of 3 "Out Of The Gap" Megamixes that I know of.

There was the "Out Of The Gap" (Extended Megamix) on the flipside of the "Sister Of Mercy" (Extended Mix) - this one was about 9 mins long and has recently appeared on CD.

Then there was the "
Out Of The Gap" (Single Megamix) that was 6:30 mins long and appeared on the flipside of "Sister of Mercy" 7" - this one has not been on CD.

Lastly, there was the "
Out Of The Gap" (Edited Megamix) which appeared on the oddly shaped space glider picture disc (as shown above) which was on the flipside of a remix of "Sister Of Mercy" 7" - this edited Megamix is the one for download here. It goes about 5 mins.

This 5 min Megamix contains:

In The Name Of Love
Love On Your Side
Doctor Doctor
We Are Detective
Into The Gap
Hold Me Now

Saturday, July 18, 2009


The Quick was a dance pop duo from England that consisted of vocalist Col Campsie and bassist/keyboardist Georgie McFarlane. McFarlane and Campsie originally met in California in 1978, and began working together when they returned to England, taking the name "The Quick". Their debut single, "Sharks Are Cool, Jets Are Hot”, didn’t do much business overseas but they soon took off in Oz. In 1981, the duo's single, "Hip Shake Jerk", became a hit in Australia, reaching #12, and their first album, On the Uptake was quickly released there. Remixed and repackaged as "Fascinating Rhythm", the album was released to the rest of the world in 1982, spawning a 12” dance hit, "Zulu". The single "Rhythm of the Jungle" was another top 20 success in Australia, reaching #13, and also became a hit in Europe. The 12” mix of "Rhythm of the Jungle" has been released on CD as too some of their dance 12” tracks but “Hip Shake Jerk”, has not. A second album, International Thing, followed in 1984 with the 7” single of the same title also doing minor business in Oz.


  • 1979 Sharks Are Cool, Jets Are Hot
  • 1980 Hip Shake Jerk AUS #12
  • 1980 Young Men Drive Fast Aus #49
  • 1980 Ship To Shore
  • 1981 Zulu US Dance #1
  • 1982 Rhythm Of The Jungle AUS #13, NL #9, UK #41
  • 1982 Touch Aus #49
  • 1984 International Thing Aus #69
  • 1984 Missing You Now
  • 1985 Down The Wire UK #88
  • 1986 Bed Of Nails
  • 1986 We Can Learn From This
  • 1987 I Needed You, You Needed Me

Here for download is the Tom Mix 12” of “Hip Shake Jerk”:

Monday, July 13, 2009


This download contains four songs by Bobby Rydell which have not made it to CD.

American Bobby Rydell had a massive run of hits in the early 1960s in Oz, about twenty songs in all. Bobby originally started in 1959 and had a couple of non-charting songs in his homeland.
Then he hit upon the idea of making a massive seller by including numerous American capital cities in the lyrics of a pop song.

His specially crafted song "Kissin' Time" sold well, especially in all the towns mentioned.

To make it appeal to numerous more folk he changed the lyrics and issued versions for some specific American states and then changed the lyrics for international sales.

The 1960 version issued for Australia has not been on CD.

Regular contributors, Alan K. and Jim B. have sent "Kissin' Time (Australian Way)" for inclusion in this 4 hit download.

Some of Bobby's flipsides scored a top 40 position here in Oz.

Two such songs are "The Door To Paradise" which was the B-side to "I Wanna Thank You" and "Gee It's Wonderful" which was the flip of "I'll Never Dance Again". These songs are included in the download.

Lastly, Bobby's big 1961 hit "The Fish" has not made it to CD anywhere.

Here are all four missing hits:

"Kissin' Time (Australian Way)"

"The Door To Paradise"

"Gee It's Wonderful"

"The Fish"

There is a password on the zip file:

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Wendy Carlos (born Walter Carlos November 14, 1939) was an American composer and electronic musician. Carlos' fame originated in the late 1960s with recordings made on the Moog Synthesizer, which was a relatively new and unknown instrument at the time; most notable were L.P.'s of synthesized Bach, and the soundtrack for the film "A Clockwork Orange".

Before his sex change, Walter and musician Benjamin Folkman, had a 1969 top 40 hit record in Sydney and in some parts of NSW (I don't think it charted elsewhere in Oz). The song was an edited single version of the album track "Brandenburg Concerto No.3" from the album "Switched-On Bach" which was the winner of three 1969 Grammy Awards.

The single version has not made it to CD anywhere in the world as far as I can tell.

For download is a Tom Mix exclusive...A CD copy of the missing 7" edited single of "Brandenburg Concerto No.3":

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Dennis Weaver was an American actor who worked in movies and TV in the 1960s and 70s. His first TV shows were westerns which capitalized on his twangy southern drawl. His voice was folksy and homespun.

In 1971 Dennis hit the big time in an early Stephen Spielberg movie called "Duel", it had a maniacal truck driver and Dennis as the main characters.

Dennis had a recording contract in the USA circa 1971-72 and issued a couple of singles on a small label. Here in Oz his work was released on the Fable label. His big hit called "No Name" was copied by Oz performer John Laws. "
No Name" was a folksy country ballad done in the hands of Dennis but was given a syrupy string-laden make over by John Laws, who also opted to use a faux American accent. (In my opinion it was cringe-worthy at best). The Oz version is available on my regular Tom Mix Music site which is listed in the link section on the left of this page.

Next, Dennis starred in the TV show "McLeod", a police drama that did well for many years. He had many roles over the years. He died in 2006.

Here is a copy of his single of "
No Name":