Monday, July 27, 2009


The Four Lads is a Canadian male singing quartet. They grew up together in Toronto Ontario and were members of St Michael’s School Choir. The founding members were Corrado "Connie" Codarini, (bass); John Bernard "Bernie" Toorish (tenor); James "Jimmy" Arnold, (lead); and Frank Busseri, (baritone and group manager). Codarini and Toorish had formed a group with two other St. Michael's students, Rudi Maugeri and John Perkins, who were later to become founding members of another group, The Crew-Cuts.

Hit Singles:

The Little White Cloud That Cried 1951 (backing Johnny Ray)

Istanbul (not Constantinople) 1953

Moments To Remember 1955

No Not Much 1955

Standin’ On The Corner 1956

Who Needs You 1956

One of our friends in foreign lands is Krista a teacher who works in Owen Sound Canada and she asked me to make a long version of "Istanbul" for her dad as it is one of his favourites. He went to school with some of the singers from the group.

It just happens to be one of my dad's faves too. My dad used to play this on our very large radiogram when 78 rpms were the standard. We lived at Walcha Road when I first heard this song at about age 4.

Here for download is the 12" Tom Mix of this old classic:

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