Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Dennis Weaver was an American actor who worked in movies and TV in the 1960s and 70s. His first TV shows were westerns which capitalized on his twangy southern drawl. His voice was folksy and homespun.

In 1971 Dennis hit the big time in an early Stephen Spielberg movie called "Duel", it had a maniacal truck driver and Dennis as the main characters.

Dennis had a recording contract in the USA circa 1971-72 and issued a couple of singles on a small label. Here in Oz his work was released on the Fable label. His big hit called "No Name" was copied by Oz performer John Laws. "
No Name" was a folksy country ballad done in the hands of Dennis but was given a syrupy string-laden make over by John Laws, who also opted to use a faux American accent. (In my opinion it was cringe-worthy at best). The Oz version is available on my regular Tom Mix Music site which is listed in the link section on the left of this page.

Next, Dennis starred in the TV show "McLeod", a police drama that did well for many years. He had many roles over the years. He died in 2006.

Here is a copy of his single of "
No Name":

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