Thursday, June 18, 2009


The English pop group Splinter had a big hit in 1974 with "Costafine Town" and it was mostly attributed to the fact that George Harrison (member of The Beatles) was associated with its production. Besides being Splinter's producer George also played guitar on this track.

Sadly, because the estate of George Harrison is held up with legal issues many of the songs formerly on George's Dark Horse label have never been on CD.

Here for download is the single mix from vinyl of "Costafine Town":


  1. Thanks for this post. I have not heard the song in years. It does make you wonder if any treasures like this will ever be made available on CD.

    If I recall Costafine Town is from the album The Place I Love

  2. Tom, Splinter had a follow up single to this one which was a minor hit for them called 'Drink All Day'. Do you remember it?
    Also a little hard to find


  3. I have been looking for this song for maybe 20 years (seriously!) I heard it as a kid growing up in Stonehaven Scotland, but I never knew what they were saying! Thanks so much for putting this up, I couldn't seem to buy it anywhere! Don

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  5. Hi
    I thought I was the only one who heard this song 38 years ago it seemed to sum up where I lived I bought it for 5p ex jukebox and for 38 years I knew the words the song the air but had never heard it again until today. I just played it to my wife with tears in my eyes via Youtube she cannot believe its not available if you have a download please let me know.
    thank you