Saturday, June 13, 2009


French singer Danyel Gerard had a massive hit in 1971-72 with "Butterfly" around the world and in Oz. The vinyl versions we heard on Lismore radio station 2LM and purchased as a 7" single had an English version on one side and a French/German version on the flip. It charted with a competing version by OZ artist Matt Flinders.

The other hit version by Aussie artist Matt Flinders is available on my original Tom Mix Music blog (click link)

Danyel recorded versions
of "Butterfly" in Spanish, French, English and German. At present most language versions of this song have made it to CD digital form all except the alternate lyric version as found on Solid Hits Vol.2 by K-Tel records. The version on the K-Tel album ran 25 seconds shorter than the single version because it was edited. This version is known as the USA version and it reached #78 on the USA charts. Here is a reconstructed version of "Butterfly" as made in the studios of Tom Mix:

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