Saturday, December 26, 2009


The Joe Jeffrey Group consisted of Joe Jeffrey (lead vocals and guitar - born Joseph Stafford Jr. in Cleveland, Ohio), Al Russ (bass), Charles Perry (percussion) and Ron Browning (drums).

In 1970 Australia, Joe’s version of “My Baby Loves Lovin’” did big business in Sydney NSW while the original UK version by group White Plains beat it in most other states. The reason it did better in Sydney was because Joe’s first hit “My Pledge Of Love” sold well there previously in 1969.

As you can see from the Oz record label above it was released under Joe's name not under the name of the whole group…every Top 40 chart book issued since credits the song to the whole group, I don’t know why?


My Pledge Of Love / Margie - 1969
Dreamin' Till Then / The Train – 1969
Hey Hey Woman / The Chance Of Loving You – 1969
My Baby Loves Lovin' / The Chance Of Loving You – 1970
A Hundred Pounds Of Clay / Power Of Love – 1970

Here for download is Joe Jeffrey with “My Baby Loves Lovin’”:


  1. I'm pretty sure both versions charted, while the US version got the airplay because it was released smack bang in the middle of the "Record Ban" - which of course resulted in UK and Australian singles released by the Majors being banned from Airplay.

    BTW, This was released on CD on Vol 5 of the Living In The 70's series.

  2. Hi Frank, I know it was on the Steve Scane's series of CDs but the version used was a muddy sounding mess compared to the version here for download. Compare it and I'm sure you'll agree. The CDs are out of print nowadays too.

    Tom Mix

    1. Any chance please we can get a FLAC copy of this? I agree, the version on the Living in the 70s series sounds horrible. I thought I might of been able to get a flac off the newsgroups, but no cigar. :(