Wednesday, December 23, 2009


UK pop artist Adrian Baker has been a member of various groups starting from in the 1960s to present day. His work also includes a number of years when he played live with the Beach Boys as part of their touring band.

When the big megamix craze happened in the 1980s Adrian who was on hiatus from playing with the Beach Boys decided to cash in and record a medley of their songs, "Beach Boy Gold", which also included songs by Jan and Dean and other surf groups. He released the medley under the group name of Gidea Park.

The single 7" mix of "Beach Boy Gold" hit the airwaves in Oz and did really well. It was also issued as a longer 12" mix. The former has not been on CD where as the latter is often issued on surf compilation CDs.

Capitol records issued a megamix by the real Beach Boys to try and compete with Gidea Park. The 7" single was edited from the 12" vinyl mix. The 12" vinyl mix had 2 versions: the pop songs mixed on one side and the ballads on the flip side. These 12" mixes have been issued on CD.

Here for download is the single edit of "Beach Boy Gold":

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