Friday, January 15, 2010


Why did I put this song on the blog? Here is a copy of some correspondence from a regular contributor...

...Have you ever thought about putting 'Go Chase Your Rainbow' by Bobby Russell on your blog. I think Australia was the only place it charted. Got to No. 11 in 1974 in N.S.W. Bobby, of course, was a very successful songwriter, having written 'Honey' for Bobby Goldsboro, 'The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia' and 'Ships In The Night' for Vicki Lawrence (his then wife) and 'Little Green Apples' (hits for both O.C. Smith and Roger Miller) to name a few. He had his own minor turntable hits in the early 70's with 'Saturday Morning Confusion' (although I think it was bigger overseas) and '1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero' and 'Our Love (Will Rise Up Again)'...'Go Chase Your Rainbow' is a very hard song to find - you very kindly got me a great CD copy to replace my vinyl. I've always loved the song. Anyway I'll leave the thought with you....Al.

Well, yes Al, the single of "Go Chase Your Rainbow" I've only found once on CD, over 2 decades ago and it has never been released by a commercial company since. Here from CD is a copy of "Go Chase Your Rainbow":


  1. Hi Tom

    Thank you for making this available. Haven't heard it in years!


  2. Great song. His best for CBS was the uptempo 'Mid American Manufacturing Tycoon' in 1973.

  3. I have been looking for a song from the sixties which was by a Newcastle (NSW) Band call Toby Jug. The song in "If Paradise Is Half As Nice". It is very difficult to get. Another one from the sixties is "Hello, Hello" by Sopwith Camel

  4. I would really like to get WAV versions of "Go Chase Your Rainbow" and also "Mare Mare Mare" by Judy Stone (which I haven't been able to find on CD), for use on a radio station in W.A. Would that be possible? I've been searching for them for years!