Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ted Gardestad (b: 1956 d: 1997) was a Swedish singer, songwriter and musician. He had been helped along the way by the members of Abba and their production team at Polar Music. It was Ted’s 1978 album Blue Virgin Isles which got him first recognised in Oz. It contained the hit “Take Me Back To Hollywood”. Although there was no Abba involvement on the album Ted does thank Stig Anderson, ABBA and the Polar family in the credits.

Molly Meldrum flogged “Take Me Back To Hollywood” relentlessly on Countdown and eventually it became a hit. The track contains an interesting Oz connection. The backing choir contains Oz singer Vanetta Fields who is widely known as a singer in the backing group of John Farnham. Vanetta cut her musical teeth in the 1960s being a member of Ike and Tina Turner’s backing singers The Ikettes.

The album Blue Virgin Isles was recorded in Hollywood and Stockholm and many international artists were used as backing vocalists. David Cassidy, John Mayall and Dr. John were just some...

Here for download is an extended 5:20 min Tom Mix 12" of Ted's big hit Take Me Back To Hollywood taken from the 8 CD box set pictured above which went on sale in 2009.

It is in a zip file with a password: http://tommixmusic2.blogspot.com/



  1. Great site, sadly the Password for this song is dead and doesn't work (and I've typed it out several times but it really doesn't work).
    Any chance of an upload please,
    D x

  2. Also sadly, in 1997 Ted suicided by jumping in front of a train. He'd had years of mental problems, a stint with the (orange) cult hero "Baghwan" in the US and several luke warm successes with various comebacks and tours. He apparently was a close friend of Agnetha from Abba, who was one of the few music identities who actually attended his funeral....Leon