Friday, September 18, 2009


Another song that was a hit in Oz was a piece favoured by Kenny Everett on his TV show which was on at 6 pm on the ABC. "The Lone Ranger" had an intriguing introduction that was used in many episodes when they needed a 15 second link between segments. The opening line which sounded like some kind of Indian tribal chant was in reality a cleverly disguised reading of the name of the highest peak in New Zealand: Taumata-whaka-tangi-hanga-kuayuwo-tamate-aturi-pukaku-piki-maunga-horonuku-pokaiawhen-uaka-tana-tahu-mataku-atanganu-akawa-miki-tora.

Quantum Jump was a quirky studio group put together by Rupert Hine in 1973 - Rupert is in the centre of the group picture above. After the release of 2 albums the band called it quits when they didn't have much commercial success. Then when
"The Lone Ranger" single took off they went back and put together some more tracks on a third "Best of" album.

"The Lone Ranger" single released in 1976 was a bit of a sleeper in the UK but for us here in Oz we got in early on the action. The song was banned too in some places around the world because it implied Tonto and the Texas Ranger were more than just good friends...but in Oz they had an edited "safe" version which was distributed to various radio stations.

There were 2 original mixes of the song. Their length was roughly the same (about 3 mins) but the 12" mix on blue vinyl had a few dubbed sections and backwards parts on the end.

Here for download is a Tom Mix remix 12" using both original versions with some clever editing and sampling. Enjoy the new 5:20 min version!

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