Friday, August 28, 2009


The Doobie Bros were not brothers by kin or blood. The group were named after a type of "herbal" cigarette.

They kicked off their career with the hit "Listen To The Music" back in 1972 and were still churning out hits in the 1980s. Their line-up changed, their style evolved but most of all they became a dance mix sensation when many of their old hits were given re-makes and do-overs. "Long Train Running" the club remix outsold its original single mix. "Listen To The Music" was also given new life in the clubs of the 1990s.

During 1978, in their second incarnation the Doobie's lead singer had become Michael McDonlad whose smooth delivery and high voice gave them a new edge. This was also the era of the extended version or club mix....hence the extended version of "What A Fool Believes" which has only ever been released on vinyl. The song was written by Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins. The remix label shows that an additional percussion track was added and the artist has been credited...otherwise it sounds much like the single version.

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