Friday, August 28, 2009


Martin Rushent was a supremo UK record producer whose bands included ABC and The Human League. One of his more interesting collaborations got the UK pop group The Members their biggest hit in Oz. Martin Rushent is famous for layering and adding numerous types of echoes over the original work and his mix of this song goes to the fullest extreme. The single version of "Radio" hit the charts and clubs in 1982 and stayed around for most of the year. The extended 12" mix named "Radio - Dub Version" ran about 5 contained very few vocal lines. The flipside of the 12" had the regular 3 minute single version which contained all the vocals.

Musos in the band included:

Nicky Tesco
Gary Baker
Jean Marie Carrol
Steve Morley
Clive Parker
Nigel Bennett
Chris Payne
Adrian Lillywhite
Rudi Thompson
Simon Lloyd

The Members had a couple of lesser known singles:
1 "The Sound Of The Suburbs"
2 "Offshore Banking Business"
3 "Romance"

4 "Killing Time"

5 "Flying Again"

6 "Going West"

By 1982 they had switched labels to Island Records and this is where their major hit was recorded. After leaving Virgin in 1981, they broadened their sound by introducing a full-time horn section, Steve 'Rudi' Thompson (ex-X Ray Spex) and Simon Lloyd (Bananarama and Icehouse) and embracing funk and rap as well as reggae. The one-off single, Radio, was released on Island and became a hit in Oz.

The band then enjoyed an American hit by reaching out to the burgeoning MTV generation with "Working Girl".

For download is the Dub Version of "Radio" mixed with the Vocal Version. It runs about 6 mins total. This is an exclusive remix made by Tom Mix Studios.


  1. Thanyou for this, a great song. I also loved "The Clean Men", jjj used to play it in the early 80's.

  2. agree with previous post a great remix

  3. Just to add I agree with the previous two posters, a storming remix of The Members Radio someone who bought Sound Of The Suburbs when it came out at the age of nine or ten, I have always had a soft spot for them but I had no idea they teamed up with the godlike Martin Rushent till recently!

    For some reason they have never re-released the dub version of 'Radio' (you can get the album version via Amazon MP3 section)...I wonder if there is any chance of posting the dub version on it's own as I am kinda fascinated by the track!