Monday, August 31, 2009


Rick Dees was an American radio DJ who struck the big time by creating a dance novelty song in the middle of the disco boom of the late 1970s. "Disco Duck" was originally marketed on a 7" vinyl single with Part-1 (vocal mix) on side A, and Part-2 (instrumental mix) on side B. There was a also a promotional 6 minute 12" disco remix of the record issued to some of the big clubs and discos in America to help fast track this song to the top of the charts. The 12" mix was not issued in Oz and not readily available outside the metropolitan areas, as most of the 12" records sold were import copies.

The song "
Disco Duck" is still fondly remembered by us oldies but in today's modern era the weak disco beat of this track means it hardly gets played because today's kids, more or less, enjoy a more techno sound...

Here for the first time is a DJ Tom Mix remake which takes some of the old "
Disco Duck" charm and mixes it with the new techno beats...

If you like this kind of "old meets new" concept then on my other blog is a remix of Marty Rhone's hit "A Mean Pair Of Jeans"...
(click link)

Here for download is a 6 minute 2009 Techno Tom Mix of "
Disco Duck":

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