Monday, August 24, 2009


"Ma'm Thibault" by Tranquille was a great instrumental disco track from 1977. It made an appearance here in Oz on the Miracle label once owned by Robbie Porter. The long version was about 6:50 mins and the single was 3:00 mins. The song was a big club hit and I doubt if people knew exactly what they were dancing to as it only had a few words and they were in French.

The original non-disco version of "Ma'm Thibault" (Mrs Thibault) was by Canadian TV puppet Mr. Calm (Monsieur Tranquille) but a local Canadian producer thought the track was strong enough to stand alone as a disco instrumental which had the occasional shout of "Ma'm Thibault" sung by an exasperated Mr. Calm (Monsieur Tranquille). To distance themselves from the TV show the song's producer listed the artist of the disco mix as Tranquille. The show which featured Monsieur Tranquille and Madame Thibault was the Canadian equivalent of The Muppets (sort of)! Here in Australia the single mix was also placed on Disco Fever the double K-Tel dance album.

This song is like the classic "Mah-na Mah-na" song written by Piero Umiliani - a hit for
The Muppets. If you like The Muppets then see the next post below re Jim Henson.

Enjoy an extended disco classic
"Ma'm Thibault":


  1. hey merci! good nice souvenir

  2. Mr. Tranquille is a muppet from the TV show "Patof voyage" that aired from 1976 to 1977 in Quebec (Canada). The clown Patof was performed by Jacques Desrosiers and Mr. Tranquille by Roger Giguere. I never know that this song made the charts in Australia! Incredible 70's.... :-)

  3. I remember playing this song on my dad's record player when I was like, 7. My sisters and I loved it! Mr. Tranquille sounds either crazy about or mad at dear Ma'am Thibault! I think he's crazy about her!!