Sunday, May 3, 2009


Back when Shocking Blue had their hit "Venus", The George Baker Selection had their hit "Little Green Bag", The Tee Set had their hit "Ma Belle Amie", another lesser known Dutch group had a hit here in Oz. The group Allondee reached position #7 in Brisbane, and was top 20 in the northern NSW towns of Lismore, Ballina and Casino with their hit "Wait For Summer".

Jack Wild who was a stage actor and cast member of H.R. Puffinstuff had a competing version of this song which was a minor hit in Adelaide and surrounds. His wife Gay Wild worked with Aussie producer Digby Richards and has a song available for download on my Tom Mix Music sister blog.

I remember "Wait For Summer" sounding particularly good when attenuated over the radio by our local station 2LM. In the song, it is never quite clear if the singer is waiting for the season of Summer or a girl whose name is Summer? Here for download is a synthetic stereo version of the old "Wait For Summer" single cleaned up and presented in fine form....this record has not been played since 1971.

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  1. Tom,

    The Jack Wild version was a Top 10 hit in Perth reaching No 10 for 2 weeks in February 1971 and of course is another song which hasn't been reissued on CD either.

    Also, Can ypu post The Cufflinks Run, Sally Run, which was their 3rd single and features on Lead Vocals Rupert Holmes, who of course had the solo hit Escape (The Pina Colada Song).