Friday, May 8, 2009


Miguel Ríos (born 7 June 1944 Spain) is a pioneer of rock and roll in Spain. Ríos was born in La Cartuja, a suburb of Granada. The youngest of seven children, he went to work in a local bar at the age of fifteen after little formal education. His interest in rock and roll led him to participate in a song contest in which he and his friends won a prize for singing the Paul Anka song "You Are My Destiny". He moved to Madrid in 1961 at the age of sixteen, where he recorded his first four pop songs. In popular circles he became known as Mike Ríos, the King of Twist. As Mike Ríos he obtained some television popularity during the first half of the 1960s. In 1964 he resumed using his real name which cost him the support of his group, Los Relámpagos (the Lightning). An introspective search for his true identity resulted in some rocky times.

After a moderate start it was in 1970 that Miguel came to be known as a superstar in Spain. His Spanish hit "Song Of Joy" was an extract of the last movement of the ninth symphony of Beethoven and appeared at the height of what was known as “religious rock”. He churned out an English translation for the lucrative USA market. Combined sales in the U.S. and Canada reached the one million mark in July 1970. For the follow-up in 1971 he went with “
Like An Eagle” which was originally recorded in Spanish but for the overseas market he did a version in English. The song did well around the world especially in Australia but the English language version has not made it to CD after all these years. In Australia this song was used for a real estate commercial and in the background of other ads and promos.

This is an edited version of the Aussie 7" single version of "Like An Eagle":

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  1. Thanks for this Tom been looking for it for ages. I bought a 3 cd set of his hits and Yes you guessed it the song wasn't on it. So thanks again :)