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Often confused as an Oz group The Blue Echoes had a 1963-64 minor instrumental hit with "Tiger Talk" which was the flip side of an American 45 rpm release. "Tiger Talk" is even put on some Oz compilations, but nope it is from America. The 7” single was issued as "Blue Bell Bounce" b/w "Tiger Talk" in 1963. "Tiger Talk” was the chosen song played by most DJs in Australia.

Tiger Talk
is included on the CD anthology “Scum Of The Earth”, Sound Story Records.

Tom Zagryn - vocals, guitar; Eric Gulliksen - vocals, 12-string guitar, bass; Tom Collins – drums.
“Tiger Talk” Writers: Zagryn-Gulliksen. Publishers: John Music / Palmina Music. Recorded: Autumn 1963 Hartford, Connecticut. Release information: Originally released on Bristol B-101 (local). Released USA on Lawn L-225, on November 22, 1963 (the day President Kennedy was assassinated) Reissued on Itzy 11 (1966).

NB. “Blue Bell Bounce” is included in the CD anthologies: “Oldies I Forgot To Buy”, Forevermore Records, and “Rockin' Guitars and Lightnin' Fingers”, Remember Records.

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