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Sharon Redd (circled at right in performance and cast photos from Hair) was born October 19, 1945 Norfolk, Virginia, USA. She died May 1, 1992 (aged 46) of AIDS related pneumonia. Sharon went to Australia with the cast of Hair (along with Marcia Hines) and had a local hit before departing back to America. In 1969, she recorded one side of a single, "Easy To Be Hard", a song from the Australian Hair Soundtrack. This single reached #32 in Australia in 1969. She made an appearance on "Barry Crocker's Sound Of Music" program on May 12, 1969. She also recorded one side of a single for the Amoco Label titled, "Where The Mind Can Breathe". This single was used for radio & TV commercials, to promote Amoco petrol. It was credited to Sharon Redd & Groove Myers. This commercial received a lot of play in Australia in the early 70s. Her performance eventually led to her own TV special.

Upon her return to the United States, she performed in plays, among them, a role in T-Jean & His Brothers. Sharon was the winner of the first “Schaefer Beer Talent Hunt" & became known as the "Schaefer Beer Girl" & her face became well known in the states for her many commercial appearances. She worked 1973-78 as one of Bette Midler’s backing singers called “The
Harlettes” replacing Melissa Manchester. When disco took off she had massive hits in the USA dance scene. Her 12” of “Beat The Street” is considered a classic.



  • "Half As Much" (1968).
  • "Do You Want Me?" (1968).
  • "I've Got A Feeling" (1968).
  • "Since I Lost You" (1968).
  • “Easy To Be Hard” (from Hair) (#41 October 1969 Australia).
  • “Where The Mind Can Breathe” (45 rpm commercial 1971-2 Australia).
  • "Now (Sweet Lover Man)"/"Can't Dance (Dance, Dance, Dance)" (1977).
  • "Maiden Voyage" (as a member of The Harlettes) (1977).
  • “Love Insurance” (as lead singer of Front Page) (1979).
  • "Can You Handle It" (1982) - (UK #31).
  • "Never Give You Up" (1982) (#1 – USA Dance Charts).
  • "You Got My Love".
  • "Beat The Street" (#1 – USA Dance Charts).
  • "In The Name Of Love" (#1 – USA Dance Charts).
  • "You're a Winner".
  • "Love How You Feel" (1984) (UK #39).
  • "Liar On The Wire".
  • "Undercover Girl" (1984).
  • "Second to None" (1988).
  • In 1990, Sharon along with Fonda Rae & Leroy Burgess, recorded "Believe In Your Heart" as members of Larry Joseph & Science.
  • "All The Way To Love" (1991).
  • "Can You Handle It" (re-recording, 1992) (UK #17).
  • Pennye Ford (sister of Sharon) released "Under Pressure" as a duet with Sharon, after Sharon had passed.

"Where The Mind Can Breathe" is posted on the Tom Mix blog click green link to download this song:

Here for download is the 1969 hit "Easy To Be Hard":

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