Wednesday, April 22, 2009


David Bowie from England (real name David Jones) had a major top 10 hit with "Starman" in 1972. Not since then has the genuine Australian edited 7" version of the song been issued on any compilation or album...every version of this song since, has been a remixed version of the longer album cut.

The Oz 7" single mix was done in mono even though the RCA 7" label proudly boasted "stereo". The big audible difference is in the levels used for the radio signal parts near the start of each chorus and the level of Bowie's voice. On the album mix both are drowned in reverb and guitars. In some parts of America an edited version was issued in 1972 and it was called the "single edit" but in the USA they had a stereo mix.

If you have sought this OZ single version for your CD collection, you may have like me, thought it was lost forever! I have only ever sighted the USA mix on poor quality bootleg CDs.

Well, here at last, is the 3:59 min OZ single mix of


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  2. Re-up please? I doubt it people have been asking for almost two years. This blog looks totally abandoned. Brilliant! NeilKelly