Saturday, November 7, 2009


Aussie born artist Susan Traynor went off to American for an adventure holiday and got tangled up with Kenny Young (writer of "Under The Boardwalk"). After 1970 she went to the UK with him while he worked writing songs for Brit groups and artists.

The group Fox were a UK band formed by Kenny Young. Susan started out doing backing vocals, then lead vocals and eventually she changed her name to Noosha Fox and became the focus of the first album. The second album had Kenny doing most of the vocals. Noosha took over lead vocals again after the second album sank and this is when the single of "S S Single Bed" was released and it made her an instant #1 in Oz and in other places. After its success the Oz music companies released a couple of her first singles "Only You Can" and "Imagine Me, Imagine You".

Noosha went solo by the end of the 1970s but the hits dried up. She has never returned to her homeland.

Here for download is a Tom Mix 12" extended remix of "S S Single Bed":


  1. thanks ! thats great! I did not know she was an Aussie!

  2. great mix - thanks - such a classic pop hit.
    Would you consider remixing Imagine me, or Only you can?

  3. This is what I love about your posts, not only do you get some cool MP3 but you also find out something interesting about the artist themselves which for me is half the fascination, especially when its about an artist who has created a track that you have a deep love for and 'S-s-single Bed' is definitely one of those tracks that was hardwired into my brain at a very early age...

    ...there is something strangely 'other' about this track a slight dissonance that has always appealed to incredible in this era of bland homogenous corporate media musak just how diverse, creative and sometimes 'out there' 70s and 80s popular music was and the Fox single is a classic example of this.

  4. I'd really love to get a copy of this, but can't seem to download it.

    could someone help me out?

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