Sunday, November 15, 2009


Dave and Ansell Collins were a Jamaican vocal/instrumental duo (Ansell's name has been spelt many ways over the years: Ansil or Ansel).

Dave Barker (born David John Crooks, 10 October 1947 in Kingston, Jamaica) was a session vocalist, and Ansell Collins (born 1949, also in Kingston) was a keyboard player. They were working for producer Lee "Scratch" Perry in Kingston in the late 1960s, and joined forces in 1971, for the reggae single "Double Barrel". Released by Festival music on the Interfusion label in Oz, it topped the charts in that year. It was the first record that drummer Sly Dunbar (then 14) ever played on.

The follow-up release, the similarly styled "Monkey Spanner" enjoyed the same international success. There were 2 versions issued on the 7" vinyl the A-side and the AA-side.

Here in Oz the instrumental version AA-side was the one that made the charts in most states but has not been on CD yet. The vocal version is the one most commonly released. Here for download is the rare Oz hit mix:

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