Saturday, September 5, 2009


"Just So Lonely" by USA group Get Wet is a well remembered top 40 hit from 1981.

The song briefly charted in the USA top 40 and then sank into oblivion but in Oz "Just So Lonely" spent over 5 months (23 weeks) on the singles charts, peaking at #15. The song was produced by the legendary Phil Ramone.

This retro-flavoured gem draws comparisons to the sound of '60s girl groups such as The Crystals or The Dixie Cups but with a new-wave twist. The Get Wet self-titled album went largely unnoticed outside Australia and the follow-up single a cover of Connie Francis' million-selling smash, "Where The Boys Are" briefly charted in Oz and flopped in most foreign markets.

The original single of “Just So Lonely” was 3 minutes long and the album version had a different ending that made it slightly longer. By using both versions from CD copies and adding a completely new drum track I have made a new 5:30 min version that still packs a wallop!

By the way if the drumming on the original single sounds familiar that's because it was done by Liberty Devitto, the drummer from Billy Joel's backing band.

Band members:

Sherri Beachfront (surname is really Lewis) - lead vocals.

Zecca Esquibel - piano, electric keyboards.

Louie LePore - guitar.

Doug Stegmeyer - bass.

Liberty Devitto - drums.

Arno Hecht - sax.

Here for download is the Tom Mix 12" version of "Just So Lonely":


  1. What can I say? It's different and adds flavour to the original short version. Great mix - makes perfect sense - clean too! I have been trying to find a copy of this song for years without success. 2 thumbs up :-)

  2. Your mix has been taken down. Could you re-upload?