Friday, September 11, 2009


Lee Kosmin was a North Londoner who in the 1970s was touring the UK pub circuit with his band The Lee Kosmin Band and having the occasional single released. He is still available for bookings in London as I write. These days I think he sings as a duo with a female singing partner.

Lee Kosmin as a solo artist had a cool number in the Oz charts in 1981-2. It was a track that took the mickey out of all those house parties where young singles met to booze, hook up and etc....the best line in the lyrics involves the word "cliché". Oh, and also listen for the kettle boiling in the kitchen!

The song "Getting So Exciting" is reminiscent of Joe Jackson's style, where the singer seems to merely observe and report.

Here for download is the original single of "Getting So Exciting":

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