Saturday, August 8, 2009


The supergroup ELO fronted by Jeff Lynne had more than 20 hit singles and they are probably enjoying a great lifestyle from sales and royalties...

Some of their rare singles and b-sides include the
"ELO Megamix" which was done in 1986 by Paul Dakeyne of DMC (Disco Mix Club) it was issued on the flipside of "Getting To The Point" - one of their lesser known songs. Paul's original ran about 9 mins and although mostly good it had some moments where the songs didn't join very well.

Out there in cyberspace some kind folks have already put the original
"ELO Megamix" on blogs for download but to date I have never found one which sounds good or is in a 320kb format. Never one to rest, I recently set to work and made my own version but have used CD song masters to keep the fidelity high. It starts like the old Dakeyne version but adds more songs to the mix than his original and is only 8 mins long. It sounds great and the download is set at 320kb.

I have used a zip file with password:

The Tom Mix
"ELO Megamix" includes the following songs:

Don't Bring Me Down
Sweet Talking Woman
Livin' Thing
I'm Alive
Shine A Little Love
Turn To Stone
Hold On Tight
Rock'n'Roll Is King

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