Saturday, August 15, 2009


In 1975 Bob Dylan had a hit on his hands with "Hurricane" a mournful song about a boxer wrongly accused of killing a man...a cheery topic, eh?

It was a song which ran over 7 minutes but the radio edit was only 3:45 mins. The single edit has appeared on a commercial CD just once long ago.

The version used for this download is from the vinyl version released on the CBS Hall Of Fame series...the record is from America hence the large hole in the centre (see picture).

Here is the single edit of "Hurricane":


  1. My all time favourite Dylan track though I had no idea there was a single edit of the track till now, huge kudos for digging this one up!

  2. spoke too soon! I guess as its BD the copyright cops pulled the track on RS...grrrrrr...when will they grasp the map is not the territory, the menu is not the meal and the MP3 is not the freakin record/cd!

    If there is any chance of reposting on a less fascistic hosting site (Mediafire are the best free account imo)or mailing me a rip at <<>>> - I appreciate requests like this are a pain so I do not ask lightly, it is my favourite Dylan track as I mentioned in my last post ;)